The NHS saved my life - it’s time it got the support it really needs...

For local campaigner Jackie Pearcey the fight to save the NHS is personal after local doctors helped her win her battle against cancer…

There can’t be many people whose life has been saved in the car park of Gorton Tesco, but I'm one of them.

I was lucky, there was a mobile mammogram unit set up in Tesco car park and a letter went round inviting women to have a routine scan.

I turned up and the doctors found something.

Thankfully, it was early enough to do something about it. I had an operation at Wythenshawe Hospital and then radiotherapy at the Christie.

It was a scary time. The doctors and nurses were incredible.

It was a scary time. I never met my maternal grandmother because she died of breast cancer, so I know how important it is to catch these things while there is still time to act. Through it all, the doctors and nurses were incredible. What a fantastic job they do each and every day.

It really made me appreciate the NHS even more. I needed help and they were there for me, just as they are for millions of other families in their time of need.

But our doctors and nurses are under more and more pressure as budgets get cut by the Government.

The NHS is at breaking point. A&E waiting times are at their highest point since records began and operations are being cancelled at a record rate.

The NHS is crying out for emergency investment but the Government is refusing to put in a penny more.

Local patients and families are paying the price for that failure.

I worry the next person won’t be as lucky as me

I worry that the next person won’t be as lucky as me. I worry their problem won’t be spotted as quickly as mine because doctors don’t have the resources they need.

A key job for the next MP for our area is to fight against the cuts being made to our NHS. But Labour are too busy fighting among themselves to stand up to the Government.

Labour are too busy fighting themselves to fight NHS cuts

I know first-hand the value of the NHS. Like many others, I owe my life to the service.

Local people can rely on me to make sure doctors and nurses get the support they need to do their jobs.

The NHS deserves better than it is getting from this Government. I will fight to secure a better, fairer deal.

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