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Dr Jackie Pearcey

www.jackiepearcey.org.uk | Tel: 07824 509479 | Email: jackie@jackiepearcey.org.uk

Office: 815 Stockport Road, Levenshulme, Manchester, M19 3BS


Jackie talking with local people“I grew up on a council estate in a working class family. My dad worked in the steelworks and was the first person in our family to go to university. I have lived in Manchester for over thirty years, first moving here to study for my PhD.


Undergraduate degree in Physics.PhD in Applied Nuclear Physics at Manchester University.

Worked at NNC Ltd. Knutsford as a nuclear safety analyst, on the refuelling safety case for Heysham II and Torness.

Currently works as an analyst and software programmer for a local company that trades heavily in Europe.


Working to make sure Manchester’s NHS gets the support it needs.

Fighting to end the neglect of communities across our part of Manchester.

Providing the real opposition to this Government that the Labour Party is failing to do.


Jackie served as a Manchester City Councillor for 21 years, representing the Gorton community where she lives.

During her time as a local councillor, Jackie worked tirelessly for residents in her area and across Manchester. Some of her proudest achievements included:

Working with community groups:

Jackie worked closely with many groups in her community, including the Gorton Horticultural Society and various tenants and resident’s groups.

Jackie served as a member of the Manchester Council for Community Relations for over a decade. This has helped her build up links and understanding of the different communities in Manchester.

Jackie serves as a school governor at Aspinal Primary School in Gorton and has done for many years.

Protecting Kingswater Park from development:

When Labour-run Tameside Council wanted to develop local green space as an industrial estate, Jackie worked with residents and campaigners to save it for the community.

Jackie talking with a personGetting a better deal for war veterans and war widows:

Manchester City Council was one of the few councils in the country that treated the pensions of war veterans and widows as income when calculating benefits.

Jackie led a successful campaign to get this unfair treatment stopped.

Protecting Gorton Monastery:

The Gorton Monastery is an iconic landmark in Jackie’s local community.

When statues from the monastery appeared up for sale she got the sale stopped so that they were saved for the local community.

Jackie talking with a local person at Longsight marketThey are now fully restored within the monastery.

Keeping in touch and getting things done:

Jackie dealt with thousands of cases and issues for residents, large and small. Everyone in her community knows someone who has been helped by Jackie Pearcey or one of the Liberal Democrat councillors.


Jackie's References:

Former Councillor in Manchester Gorton, Simon Ashley is backing Jackie

"When I was on the council Jackie worked tirelessly alongside my late father James Ashley and I to get a better deal for the area."

"She’s a determined campaigner who will work for everyone as our next MP."

- former Gorton Councillor, Simon Ashley

Former Longsight Councillor, Liaqat Ali is backing Jackie

"I worked alongside Jackie Pearcey on the council for years. She will be an outstanding MP for all our communities. She will deliver the change our area desperately needs."

- former Longsight Councillor, Liaqat Ali

Former Levenshulme Councillor, Alderman Keith Whitmore is backing Jackie

"There is no one better I can think of to be our next MP than Jackie Pearcey. She fought side by side with me, successfully against Labour’s plans to shut the baths in Levenshulme."

- former Levenshulme Councillor, Alderman Keith Whitmore

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