Manchester's Air Pollution Emergency

Manchester is now in the grip of an Air Pollution Crisis, according to Liberal Democrats who have put a team to investigate. “I never thought the pollution could get worse, but it is”, says Jackie Pearcey, the parliamentary candidate for Manchester Gorton. The team of Lib Dem specialists are raci...

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Jackie Pearcey backs cannabis legalisation to end Manchester's Spice epidemic

Jackie Pearcey has welcomed the Lib Dem manifesto commitment to introduce a legal, regulated market for cannabis, saying "This is an evidence-based approach to the issues around drug use. Manchester's Spice epidemic has shown that going down the enforcement route does not stop drug addiction and ...

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Young people in Manchester need someone to stand up to this Government on Brexit

Vince Cable has warned that young people in Manchester are being robbed of opportunities by the Government's push for a hard Brexit and that Labour is failing to stand up for them.

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Find out more about Jackie Pearcey, the Liberal Democrat candidate for the Manchester Gorton by-election

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